This is me

Hello & welcome

  • My name is Melanie Grobler.
  • Married to Philip and we live in Durbanville, South Africa.
  • We have four children (Matthew, Andrew, James and Madison).
  • My mom and dad both live with us in a little house on our property and we have coffee together almost every morning.
  • I'm a crochet designer and fibre artist.
  • Passionate about yarn, coffee and chocolate.
  • A beginner, but enthusiastic scrapbooker
  • I have a Degree in Risk Management
  • I studied Fine Art, but dropped out after one year and have been creatively frustrated ever since.
  • I have one sister, Natalie, who lives in New Zealand and I miss her every day.


My crochet journey so far

  • Taught myself to crochet in 2015.
  • First time I picked up a hook, some yarn and a pattern to make a baby blanket for charity, I was hooked!
  • Published my first pattern in 2019.
  • By mid 2021 I had over 30 000 followers across my social media platforms.



I am so excited to see what the future holds

This is Madison (my only girl)

This is Andrew (my 2nd son)

Things to know

  • I divide my day into three parts, in the morning I am a short term insurance broker with my own business, in the afternoon I am a crochet designer and in the evening I crochet or knit for pleasure.
  • My patterns are tech edited and tested, either by the Fairies from the HOS test team, or by M&M's from the M&M test team.
  • If you need help please check to see which patterns are supported by Hooked on Sunshine and which are supported by MandMCrochetDesigns.

And I crochet...did I mention that?

Ok, so if I am being honest, I crochet a lot!

Our little girl was snuggled up in bed under a blanket I had made for her, she told me that she felt cuddled in my love, and it occurred to me that she was right.  ​When we make something for someone else, we spend lots of time thinking about that person, and we pour our love, passion and creativity into the project.


​As you know creative people need to have time to be creative.  Crocheting is my passion, and is "like painting with yarn". I love to play with patterns and colours, and create something unique and beautiful for people I love, and I am sure you do too.

My patterns are easy to read, with loads of clear photo tutorials, pattern support and helpful hints along the way.  Even an inexperienced crafter can try some of my designs with confidence.


From patterns to inspiration, I hope that my blog will help you find something to get those creative vibes moving and shaking.  ​I hope that you enjoy the patterns I have released as much as I enjoyed writing them.

The best place to make contact with me is by posting in my FB Group, or sending me a message via my FB Page.

In the mean time, 


"share the art within you with the ones you love"


Hugs from Cape Town, South Africa

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Desigend with love in South Africa

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