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The Take A Hike Slouchy is a free pattern. This is an easy to make, seamless slouchy beanie that is quick to make, and it is very popular with my teenage boys and their friends. The Take A Hike Slouchy was inspired by my middle son who is a very active Scout, and as a Scout he takes part in many competitions, from sailing to hiking, they have loads of fun.  It gets cold and can be windy in Cape Town, South Africa, and I have, over the years made many, many beanies for my boys, and their friends – usually the night before aRead More →

Sweet Child O'Mine Slouchy Beanie | free crochet pattern | MandMCrochetDesigns | #slouchybeanie #crochetslouchy #crochetbeanie #crochetformen #hdcSlouchyBeanie

The Sweet Child O’Mine Slouchy Beanie is a free pattern. The Sweet Child O’Mine Slouchy beanie is a quick to make and oh so easy.  It is one of those patterns that you can whip up in an hour and make last minute birthday gifts…or you can make one for that special man/men in your life. “Share the art within you with the ones you love…” You can get the FREE pattern here or you can purchase the inexpensive, advert free instant download PDF from my Ravelry store (includes loads of clear photos, step by step instructions, links to tutorials and helpful hints) Add thisRead More →