Lyn’s Rose Garden Pillow


Lyn’s Rose Garden Pillow

Lyn’s Rose Garden Pillow is a free crochet along.

Lyn’s Rose Garden is a crochet pattern to make a pillow covered in roses – some of the stitch work is easy, and some more challenging, but the end product is worth the effort.

The pattern was especially designed for a very special friend of mine, who loves roses, any shade of pink, crochet, bubbly chocolate and yarn.  The pillow is a birthday gift for her, and although no longer a surprise, she will get it in November when it is her birthday.

“Share the art within you with the ones you love…”

Lyn's Rose Garden Pillow | MandMCrochetDesigns | #crochetpillow #crochetgrannysquare #overlaycrochet #vinnisserina #vinnisnikkim #crochetroses

I have made two pillows using the same pattern, one in cotton (which is a large pillow) and one in bamboo (which is a smaller pillow).

The pattern uses some lots of overlay crochet. You will make a pillow covered with roses on the front, and the back is a granny square that uses changes in colour and stitch work to make it fun to do, and pretty to look at.

The pattern will be released in 6 parts over 6 weeks and you can get each part separately FOR FREE with the Crochet Along.  All you need to do is to join my Face Book Group here.

You will be able to purchase the inexpensive, instant download PDF pattern which includes high quality photos, helpful hints and links to photo tutorials – when the CAL is finished, which will be after the 28 September 2019.  The pattern will no longer be available for free on my website after the CAL is finished.

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I just loooooove to see my designs come to life by other creative souls, so post as many photos of your gorgeous crochet project as you like.

You set your pace and work at your own time!

Lyn's Rose Garden Pillow | MandMCrochetDesigns | #crochetpillow #crochetgrannysquare #overlaycrochet #vinnisserina #vinnisnikkim #crochetroses

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CAL STARTS 30 August 2019:

  • PART ONE: 30 August
  • PART TWO: 6 September
  • PART THREE: 13 September
  • PART FOUR: 20 September
  • PART FIVE: 27 September
  • PART SIX: 4 October


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Size: approximately 60cm x 60cm (large pillow) and approximately 45cm x 45cm (small pillow)

Skill: Intermediate – stitches will range from easy to more advanced, with quite a bit of overlay crochet work – but I have links to photo tutorials in the pattern if you need help, and there will be a few short videos for the tricky parts.

What you will crochet: A beautiful cushion covered in roses on the front, with an interesting back.


Large size in Cotton

6 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim (A) – Natural #500

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim (B) – Mint #554

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim (C) – Raspberry #559

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim (D) – Pink #521

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim (E) – Ballet Pink #522

4 mm hook

Pillow 60cm x 60cm (24 inches)

Smaller size in Bamboo

Small pillow in bamboo

5 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Serina (A) – Sand #655

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Serina (B) – Camo Green #641

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Serina (C) – Plum #644

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Serina (D) – Sugar Purple #645

2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Serina (E) – Purple Pink #605

3 mm hook

Pillow 45cm x 45cm (18×18 inches)

Sewing needle


You are welcome to make the pattern in any yarn however depending on the yarn and your tension the size of the finished item may vary from mine.


Vinnis Colours Nikkim 100% Cotton Yarn, which is colourfast and made in South Africa.  DK / Light Worsted – 119m/50g (130/1.75oz), recommended hook size: 4mm (USA G-6).  The yarn is hand dyed and balled by women from an economically depressed rural area of South Africa.  The sale of the product has empowered ad brought economic benefits to their community.  Hand dyed yarn gives your garment a unique marbled effect.

Vinnis Colours Serina is a 100% Bamboo Eco-Friendly, hand-dyed yarn which is colourfast and made in South Africa. 4 ply, 111m/50g, recommended hook size: 2.75-3.25. Bamboo is a luxurious yarn with a rich shiny lustre. The variations in the depths of shade make every product a unique knitting adventure. Its natural drape makes it ideal for scarves, shawls, cowls, summer tops, home decor and babies.  The yarn is hand dyed and balled by women from an economically depressed rural area of South Africa.  The sale of the product has empowered ad brought economic benefits to their community.  Hand dyed yarn gives your garment a unique marbled effect.

If you would like to use the same yarn you can find your local stockist/distributor by clicking here.


  • My pattern uses US terminology
  • Crochet skill level – confident beginners/intermediate
  • I have also included helpful hints along the way, and are in italics and for the trickier bits there are short video clips
  • I start my new rows with a standing stitch, if you are not comfortable with making one then you can replace with a slip knot and the required number of chains (i.e. chain 3 for a dc and chain 2 for an hdc)
  • Stitches and chains for the corners are given separately to stitches per side
  • Rounds with multiple stitches have a total number of stitches given, but this excludes corner stitches and chain spaces
  • *.* / **.** indicates a repeat of a combination of stitches by a given number of times
  • [] indicates a corner combination of stitches
  • Use your stitch marker as often as you can, to help with stitch counting
  • Have fun with this pattern


  • If you have purchased a kit or are using the same yarn, then it is important that you match my tension and gauge, otherwise you will not have enough yarn
  • 10 cm down = 12 double crochet rows
  • 10 cm across = 18 double crochet stitches
  • If you are using your own yarn you do not need to match my tension and gauge, however you need to keep your tension the same throughout the project
  • The mandala might curl up slightly, especially after you work the roses, but it is normal and will straighten out in following rounds


Chain ch
Slip stitch ss
Single crochet sc
Half double crochet hdc
Double crochet dc
Treble crochet tr
Standing single crochet standing sc
Standing half double crochet standing hdc
Standing double crochet standing dc
Front post single crochet fpsc
Back post single crochet bpsc
Front post half double crochet fphdc
Back post half double crochet bphdc
Front post double crochet fpdc
Back post double crochet bpdc
Front post treble fptr
Back post treble bptr
Single crochet two together sc2tog
Half double crochet two together hdc2tog
Double crochet two together dc2tog
Needle join nj
Magic circle mc
Front post double crochet two together fpdc2tog



Thank you for your support and I hope that you enjoyed making this pattern as much as I did designing it.

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  • You are very welcome to sell your finished items that you have made (no mass production)
  • Please do not share, copy, past or distribute any part of the pattern, including instructions, words, photographs and diagrams, in any way, electronic or other, that will infringe my rights as the author and creator of these patterns and photographs.
  • Please respect the amount of time, effort and love that goes into each of my patterns, and even if they are for free please send your friends the link and do not send them the pattern.


  • I have not been crocheting for long, but the first time I picked up a hook, some yarn, and a pattern to make a beautiful blanket, I was, as they say, hooked.
  • ​When my little girl told me that she felt snuggled in my love when lying under one of the blankets I crocheted for her, it occurred to me that she was right.
  • ​When we make something for someone else, we spend lots of time thinking about that person, and we pour our love, passion and creativity into the item.
  • ​I love to play with patterns and colours and create something unique and beautiful for people I love, and I am sure you do too.
  • ​My patterns are easy to read, with loads of photo tutorials to help even the most inexperienced crafter.  I will be launching YouTube video tutorials soon to help reading my patterns.

Happy crafting