Easy Knit Beanie



This design – the EASY KNIT BEANIE – is part of the 2020 Knit Along at KAL Corner Knitting. Join us in knitting a new design every month, using DK weight yarn! You can find all the info on the main post, and join in the fun on the Facebook group.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway too!


MandMCrochetDesigns | Easy Knit Beanie #KAL #KAL2020 #knitbeanie #easyknitbeanie



You are welcome to make the pattern in any yarn however depending on the yarn and your tension the size of the finished item may vary from mine.


  • Knit skill level – easy.
  • A 10 x 10 cm swatch is approximately 13 stitches across and 16 rows high.
  • Helpful hints are written in italics.,
  • Count your stitches and have FUN.


  • Adult
    • Head circumference : 23 inches / 58 cm
    • Hat height : 11 inches / 28 cm


Knit K  
Purl P  
Repeat Rep Repeat the stitches or rows by the number noted.
Stitch/es St/s  
Remaining Rem Remaining stitches in the row/round.
Place marker Pm Place the marker to the last stitch of the round you are working so that you know where the beginning of each round starts, move the marker after each row/round.
Long tail cast on   Long tail cast on tutorial here
Approximately Approx.  
RS Right side Right side of your work.
Knit two together through back of loop K2tog TBL Slip your right needle into the two back stitches on your left needle, knit them together.


Use 4.4 mm (US 7 / UK 7) 16” circular knitting needles.  With long tail cast on, CO 88 sts. Place marker and join to knit in the round.

Helpful hint: be very careful not to twist your stitches – I prefer to use the longtail cast on for rib work as it has more stretch to it – there is a link to a video tutorial in the abbreviations above.


*K2, P2*, rep *.* until end of round.

Repeat for 2 cm / 1 inch.


Change to 5.5 mm (US 9 / UK 5) 16” circular knitting needles and continue to K until work measures approx. 23 cm /9 inches.


*K2tog tbl, K8*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K7*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K6*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K5*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K4*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K3*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K2*, rep *.* until end of round.

*K2tog tbl, K1*, rep *.* until end of round, cut yarn leaving a long tail to use to slip stitch the remaining stitches together tightly, then weave in ends.

Optional – make a nice big pompom and attach to the area where you closed the beanie.

MandMCrochetDesigns | Easy Knit Beanie #KAL #KAL2020 #knitbeanie #easyknitbeanie


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