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Tutti Frutti Square Joining


The Tutti Frutti Square Joining is the 2nd last part – where we join each of the 9 squares made in my Mystery Make Along.

Join me in the magical, surprise crochet journey of a mystery make along (MMAL) which is a similar to a crochet along (CAL).  The difference is that you do not know what the end project will look like.  The Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket is made up of small, fun to make squares, that will then be joined together and with a border added.

“Share the art within you with the ones you love…”

MandMCrochetDesigns | Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket MMAL #crochetforbabies #crochetsquare #mystrymakealong #crochetgrannysquare #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket #overlaycrochet #crochetalong #freecrochetsquare #freepattern

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You set your pace and work at your own time!

MandMCrochetDesigns | Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket MMAL #crochetforbabies #crochetsquare #mystrymakealong #crochetgrannysquare #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket #overlaycrochet #crochetalong #freecrochetsquare #freepattern

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I have had to change my main colour from green to blue because I am not able to purchase more of the green yarn due to my county being in lock down and so I am using up what I have in my stash.  You can continue using the same colours or you can add colours.


Click here for SQUARE 1 

Click here for SQUARE 2

Click here for SQUARE 3

Click here for SQUARE 4

Click here for SQUARE 5

Click here for SQUARE 6

Click here for SQUARE 7

Click here for SQUARE 8

Click here for SQUARE 9

Click here for SQUARE BORDER PART 1

Click here for SQUARE BORDER PART 2

MandMCrochetDesigns | Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket MMAL #crochetforbabies #crochetsquare #mystrymakealong #crochetgrannysquare #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket #overlaycrochet #crochetalong #freecrochetsquare #freepattern


Size initial square: is approximately 16 x 16 cm / 6.2 x 6.2 inches

Size after adding border to square: is approximately 25.5 x 25.5 cm / 10 x 10 inches

Skill: confident beginner/intermediate

What you will crochet: joining the 9 squares



  • 50 g Kartopu Baby One (A) – I managed to find some more green
  • 3.5 mm hook (4.5 mm hook)
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors

You are welcome to make the pattern in any yarn however depending on the yarn and your tension the size of the finished item may vary from mine.


  • My pattern uses US terminology
  • Crochet skill level – easy/confident beginners (and if you struggle there are photo tutorials to help you)
  • I have also included helpful hints along the way which are in italics
  • There are also links to photo tutorials for special stitches and techniques
  • Use your stitch marker as often as you can, to help with stitch counting
  • And lastly, COUNT your stitches and have loads of FUN
  • Please note that this pattern has not been tested so if you find a typo or an error please let me know so I can correct it.


Back post double crochet bpdc Yarn over and insert hook from back to front and then front to back around the post of the stitch you are working in from the row below.  Yarn over and draw up a loop (you will have 3 loops on your hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through 2 loops.
Chain ch Yarn over, pull through.
Half double crochet hdc Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through three loops.
Needle join nj When you have finished your last stitch, do not join instead cut the yarn and pull it right through the last stitch.  Using a needle, insert into both loops of the first actual stitch of the same round or row.  Go back into the back loop only of the last stitch of the round or row, and gently tighten the join, and it will form a “loop” on top of the stitch and look just like a regular stitch. Link to my tutorial.
Repeat rep Repeat the stitches between *.* the required number of times.
Slip stitch ss Insert hook, yarn over, pull through both stitch and loop on hook.
Space/s sp/s The space between the stitches.
Stitch/es st/s The stitch itself.
Standing half double crochet   Link to my tutorial

Tutti Frutti Square Joining

MandMCrochetDesigns | Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket MMAL #crochetforbabies #crochetsquare #mystrymakealong #crochetgrannysquare #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket #overlaycrochet #crochetalong #freecrochetsquare #freepattern



Repeat this border around each of the 9 squares already made.

Round 1

Using colour (A) yarn join in any ch corner.

*[hdc, ch 2, hdc], bpdc around next 38 sts*, rep *.* 3 more times, ss into 1st st, cut yarn, weave in ends.

Stitch count: 38 bpdc per row

Corner count: hdc, ch 2, hdc

Joining – using a 4.5 mm hook

Helpful hint: I went up an entire hook size when I joined the squares which prevents the sides from pulling.  Slip stitches tend to pull tight. 

I joined my squares in the following order – but you can join in any order you like:


7 6 5
2 9 3
1 8 4


I joined my squares using the flat zipper or flat slip stitch join method but you can use which ever method you prefer.  If you would like to use the join I used, which lies nice and flat, you can find a photo tutorial here or you can watch a YouTube tutorial here.


I attached squares 1 and 8 together first, then added squares 2 and 9, then added squares 7 and 6 – first vertical join, then I attached squares 8 and 4, then squares 9 and 3 and finally squares 6 and 5 – second vertical join.

Place the squares you want to join side by side, insert the hook into the 2 outer loops.


Make a slip stitch with the yarn

Pull the slip stitch loop through both loops

Make sure the working end of the yarn is beneath your work


With the working end of your yarn underneath your work, pull the loop on your hook slightly so that it is a bit loose 

With your hook pick up the outside loop of the top square and then pick up the outside loop of the bottom square


Yarn over hook and pull through both loops, keeping the loop on your hook loose


Continue until you get to the next two squares, place them side by side

Continue with the same method as before, just keep the four squares close together as you continue to slip stitch over the next set of squares


When you get to the end of joining the squares you can cut the yarn and weave in the ends


Turn your work so that squares 4, 3 and 5 are closest to you, then attach squares 4 and 3, then 8 and 9, then squares 1 and 2 – first horizontal join, then attach squares 3 and 5, then squares 9 and 6 and lastly squares 2 and 7 – second horizontal join.


Make a loose chain over the previous join


Make sure that you do not miss any un worked chains on either square, and keep that loop loose


Once you have made the chain over the previous join, then just continue to join the two sides of the next two squares


The cross over join should look something like this, and the join should be nice and flat


For questions and sharing your progress making your Tutti Frutti Square Border Part 2 which is part of the Mystery Make Along Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket:

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MandMCrochetDesigns | Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket MMAL #crochetforbabies #crochetsquare #mystrymakealong #crochetgrannysquare #crochetblanket #crochetbabyblanket #overlaycrochet #crochetalong #freecrochetsquare #freepattern

We will be making the border next week, which is the last part of the MMAL, I am having such fun and I hope you are too – I have no idea what the border will look like yet, will just pick up the yarn and the hook and see where it takes me.


© 2020 |Designed by Melanie Grobler | MandMCrochetDesigns | All Rights are Reserved.

The design, pattern, and all images are the property of MandMCrochetDesigns. The purchaser of this pattern may use it for personal use and/or charity.  Sales of the finished items are encouraged, and credit given to the designer would be most appreciated. No part of the written pattern may be reproduced, altered, or distributed in any form, or by any means, without express written permission from Melanie Grobler | MandMCrochetDesigns.


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