Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sleepy Bunny PART 6

Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sleepy Bunny PART 6


Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sleepy Bunny PART 6

This Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sleepy Bunny PART 6 is part of a CAL, and you will make an adorable bunny perfect for babies and small children.  In this part you will be making bringing your gorgeous bunny to life!

“Share the art within you with the ones you love…”

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I just loooooove to see my designs come to life by other creative souls, so post as many photos of your gorgeous Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sleepy Bunny crochet project as you like.

You set your pace and work at your own time!


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  • 2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim DK 100% cotton (A)
  • 2 x 50g balls Vinnis Colours Nikkim DK 100% cotton (B)
  • 1 x 50g ball Vinnis Colours Nikkim DK 100% cotton (C)
  • 3 x .8g twisties Vinnis Colours Nikkim DK 100% cotton (D)
  • 3.5mm hook
  • 100g unicurl/stuffing
  • Small amount of black embroidery thread or yarn for the nose/safety nose 15mm
  • 2 x safety eyes or thread/yarn for eyes 14mm
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors

You are welcome to make the pattern in any yarn however depending on the yarn and your tension the size of the finished item may vary from mine.

I used the following colours for my boy and girl:

                        Boy                                                                       Girl

  • A             Stone #541                                                           Natural #500
  • B             Purple-Blue #588                                                  Pink #521
  • C             Blue Bell #533                                                       Ballet Pink #522
  • D             White #598                                                           White #598


Vinnis Colours Nikkim 100% Cotton Yarn, which is colourfast and made in South Africa.  DK / Light Worsted – 119m/50g (130/1.75oz), recommended hook size: 4mm (USA G-6).  The yarn is hand dyed and balled by women from an economically depressed rural area of South Africa.  The sale of the product has empowered ad brought economic benefits to their community.  Hand dyed yarn gives your garment a unique marbled effect.



  • My pattern uses US terminology
  • I have also included helpful hints along the way, which are in italics
  • Use your stitch marker as often as you can, to help with stitch counting – count your stitches
  • And lastly – have FUN with the pattern


  • chain – ch
  • slip stitch – ss
  • single crochet – sc
  • half double crochet – hdc
  • double crochet – dc
  • crab st / reverse single crochet – rev sc (refer to special stitches)
  • 5 double crochet shell – 5 dc sh (refer to special stitches)
  • back loop only – blo (refer to special stitches)
  • single crochet two together – sc2tog (refer to special stitches)
  • half double crochet two together – hdc2tog (refer to special stitches)
  • double crochet two together – dc2tog (refer to special stitches)
  • repeat – rep
  • space/s – sp/s
  • stitch/s – st/s
  • magic circle – mc (refer to special stitches)
  • needle join – nj (refer to special stitches)


You have made all the different body parts and decoration, now to bring your Melly Teddy to life.

You do not need to follow these instructions exactly, it is just the way I like to put mine together, so is a suggestion only – the idea is to have FUN with the design, use your imagination and make yours unique.

Helpful hint: before you attach the arms etc to the body, lay the body flat making sure that the seam is lying to one side of the body and not at the back – the reason I designed the body like this is so that the seam is not as noticeable as when it is at the back.


I slip stitch the arms to the top of the body over rows 2-4 of the top of the body.  Lay body flat and attach to the side, remember to have the seam from your arm “underneath” the arm so that it is hidden.  To make the join firm, I slip stitch along both sides of the arm, using the loop from the single crochet round, cut yarn, and weave in ends.




Lay the body flat, and place the legs between the 3 and 4 shell, leave shell 5 and 6, and place second leg between shell 7 and 8, then using the long tail from the end of the last row of the body slip stitch the shells together, then through the leg and body, making sure you secure the leg in place, and then slip stitch to the end of the shells, cut yarn, and weave in ends.


Lay the body flat, and place each leg in the centre of each pants bottom, using the long thread, carefully slip stitch the bottom of the pants, until you get to the where the leg is and then slip stitch through the pants and the leg.  Cut yarn and weave in ends.



The ears are a bit trickier and can be finicky – you need to place the hat where you would like it on the head, and then using the long tail from the band of the hat, stitch the hat to the head, I sew it onto the head at the top of the band, just before the yarn colour change.  Then carefully place your ears onto the head, in the “whole” left for the ears and slip stitch the ears to the head, and like the arms, I slip stitch around the entire ear, cut yarn and weave in ends.


Slip stitch all the motifs onto the body – I place the heart in the “normal” place for the heart, and then place the moon and the star on the body, you can make more stars, and add to the back of the body if you like.

Slip stitch the tail to the back of the body – GIRL: about 7/8 rows from the bottom of the dress part of the body, BOY: about 3/4 rows from the bottom (between the legs).

Melly Teddy Ragdoll Sleepy Bunny PART 3 | MandMCrochetDesigns | #freecal #freepattern #mellyteddy #sleepybunny #amagarumi #loveytoy #crochet bunny


I like to add the head last, because this is the most important join, and this is the last thing you do before your Melly Teddy Ragdoll comes to life.  So exciting this part.  I use a tailors marker to mark where I want my head to be placed, you can use stitch markers or pins, to help you.  Slip stitch the neck opening, like you did the arms and the fee, then lie your body flat, and make sure that the middle of the head is exactly joined to the middle of the body, otherwise it will look funny, and lie skew.  Then using the long tail left from the ending of the head, slip stitch the body to the head.


If you would like to send a birth certificate together with the bunny to it’s new forever home, just click on the link below to download to your phone or tablet or PC, and then you can email it or print from your PC.

Click on on this link Sleepy bunny for the birth certificate.

For questions and sharing your progress: 

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