Deluxe Bath Gift Set Soap Saver

Deluxe Bath Gift Set Soap Saver


Deluxe Bath Gift Set Soap Saver – a free pattern to make a crochet soap saver #crochetsoapsaver #deluxebathgiftset #mandmcrochetdesigns #mothersdaygift #moyacotton #freecrochetpattern #crochetspakit #moyayarn #cal #crochetpattern

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soap saver

The pattern is written in 5 parts and you can get each part separately FOR FREE with you can purchase the PDF version (which includes high quality step by step photo tutorials)  from my Ravelry Store.

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Size: hand mitt fits an average adult female, the soap saver fits a 150g bar of soap, the facecloth, pouf and face scrubbies are standard size.

Skill: Easy to Intermediate – stitches will range from easy to slightly more advanced – but I have links to photo tutorials in the pattern if you need help.

What you will crochet: A beautiful spa set, which you can gift, or make for yourself, The pattern includes instructions for a right and a left hand mitt.

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4 x 50g Sangria/Taupe MoYa DK 100% cotton (MC)

1 x 50g Geisha/Natural MoYa DK 100% cotton (CC)

3.5mm or G hook (if you work loosely, use a smaller hook)

Sewing needle


MoYa Yarns are hand dyed and should be washed separately as there may be slight residual surface dye. Machine washable. Dry flat. Do not bleach. Made in South Africa.

Weight – double knit

50g – 135m

You are welcome to make the pattern in any yarn however depending on the yarn and your tension the size of the finished item may vary from mine.


  • My pattern uses US terminology
  • This pattern includes the patterns to make a bath pouf, face scrubbie, facecloth, soap saver and a bath mitt – this blog post contains the pattern to make a crochet soap saver
  • Crochet skill level – easy (and if you struggle there are photo tutorials to help you)
  • I have also included helpful hints along the way, which help me, and I hope help you too, and are in italics
  • Please follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry and so you do not miss out on any of the release dates of more of my patterns join my Facebook Group
  • Use your stitch marker as often as you can, to help with stitch counting
  • And lastly, COUNT your stitches


US Terminology

chain – ch

slip stitch – ss

single crochet – sc

half double crochet – hdc

double crochet – dc

single crochet 2 together – sc2tog

half double crochet 2 together – hdc2tog

space – sp

stitch/s – st/s

magic circle – mc refer to special stitches

reverse single crochet/crab stitch – refer to special stitches

needle join – nj refer to special stitches

cluster stitch – cl st refer to special stitches

main colour – MC

contrast colour – CC

soap saver


Reverse Single Crochet/Crab Stitch Photo Tutorial

Puff Stitch

Needle Join Photo Tutorial

Magic Circle Photo Tutorial

Standing Cluster Stitch Photo Tutorial


PART 4 – Deluxe Bath Gift Set Soap Saver

I used approximately 15g of MC, and 5g of CC to make my soap saver – Use hook suitable to your yarn choice

Chain 15 using MC

Round 1: make 2 hdc sts into 3rd chain from hook, hdc into next 11 ch, 6 hdc into last ch, turn slightly, then hdc into the other side of the chain going back towards the first hdc, then make 3 hdc into the same ch sp as the first 2 hdc sts and ch 3 (counts as hdc), do NOT ss into 1st hdc, as we are working in the round now (34)

Helpful hint: work in a continuous round, so do not join each row with a slip stitch, the edge will be slightly skew but do not worry about it because we will sort that out in the last round before we make the row for the threading of the ribbon

Helpful hint: make your first hdc for round 2 into the 3rd ch of the 1st 3 ch from round 1

Round 2 – 13: hdc into each st, use your stitch marker to keep count of your completed rows

Helpful hint: there are 34 hdc sts in each continuous round, so remember to use a stitch marker to easily count your rows

Round 14: hdc 32 (so only 2 sts remain for round 14), then 1 sc in 2nd last st, and then ss into last st (34)

Helpful hint: we have now straightened the edge, not perfect but once the border is on you won’t see it, and the soap saver looks great, because there is no seam up the side

Round 15: ch 1, hdc into same st, *ch 1, sk st, hdc into next st*, rep *.*, ss into 1st ch 1 (17 hdc, 17 ch sps)

Round 16: ch 1, hdc into same st, *hdc into ch 1 sp, hdc into next hdc*, rep *.*, ss into 1st hdc 1, cut yarn and use nj, and weave in tails (34)


Change to CC

Round 17: starting in any hdc from round 16, ch 1, sc into same st, sc into next 33 sts, ss into 1st sc (34)

Round 18: ch 1, crab st (reverse sc) into same sc, crab st into next 33 sts, cut yarn, weave in ends (34)

Helpful hint: you can use ribbon to tie your soap saver, or you can crochet a ‘ribbon’


Using CC, make a mc, make a starting 5 dc cl st into the mc, ch 50, cut yarn leaving a 40cm tail, using the darning needle, thread ‘ribbon’ through top holes below shells, then make another starting 5 dc cl st into the last ch, close with a ss, weave in ends

Helpful hint: refer to the special stitches for a tutorial on how to make a starting 5 double crochet cluster stitch

Place your bar of soap into the soap saver (I have used a 175g bar of soap), tie a bow, and voila – soap saver done – if you use a 150g cake of soap make 13 hdc rows before the ribbon row (hdc, ch1 rep), and if you use a 200g cake of soap make 15 hdc rows before the ribbon row (hdc, ch1 rep)

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