Surface Crochet Photo Tutorial

Surface Crochet Photo Tutorial


Step by step photo tutorial on how to surface crochet like a professional #surfacecrochet  #mandmcrochetdesignsphototutorial #crochettutorial

Surface crochet looks difficult, and the first time I had to do this technique I nearly died LOL, then I thought, Ok Melanie, you can do this.  It is a bit tricky at first, and you need to get the angle of your work just right for you, and then you will be able to surface crochet like a professional.

Helpful hing: try to keep your stitches loose (but not too loose), and I find that if I go up one or half a hook size it looks fab!  So if I am using a 4mm hook for the project, I use a 4.5mm hook to do the surface crochet.

The trick is to hold the tail of your yarn with your left hand (if you are right handed) and use your right hand to pull the loop through your work – the left hand will guide the yarn for you.  BUT, very important, do not use the tail to make your loops, use the working end of your yarn, otherwise you won’t get far 🙂

Lay your work flat so that all the stitches are nice and even.


Then with your left hand at the back holding the tail, and the working end of your yarn, insert your hook into the space where you need to start your surface crochet.


Pull up a loop from the back to the front of your work, holding gently onto both ends of your yarn with your left hand, under your work, you will just have one loop on your hook, this is the starting loop.


Insert your hook into the next space, and pull up another hook, and remember to make sure that it is the working end of your yarn, and NOT your tail.


Pull the second loop through the first loop, and you will have completed your first surface crochet stitch. Once you have pulled the loop through, and have one loop on your hook, insert the hook into the next space, and repeat.


surface crochet
This is what your work looks like from the front, after you have done a few surface crochet stitches – it reminds me a bit of the “lazy daisy” embroidery stitch.


surface crochet
And this is what your work looks like from the back, nice and neat.

I love overlay crochet, which is so much fun!  However, if you are busy with a relatively plain pattern and want to add some pizzazz to your work, surface crochet is an AWESOME way to add texture, make work a bit prettier, and look super professional and you will impress all your crochet friends 😀

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