Standing Single Crochet Photo Tutorial

Step by step photo tutorial to make the Standing Single Crochet Stitch #standingsinglecrochetphototutorial  #mandmcrochetdesignsphototutorial #crochettutorial

A photo tutorial of how to make a standing single crochet really helped me work out how to do this stitch, which is fabulous to use when starting a new row, because it looks very similar to a “normal” single crochet, as apposed to using a chain (for a single crochet starting stitch).

I just love it! So I thought I would make one to share with you.

With your right hand hold the end of the yarn firmly in your baby finger, then wrap the yarn over one from back to front and hold the working end of your yarn between your middle and ring fingers.


Insert the hook into the space you need to start with the single crochet, in this pattern I am adding a row of single crochet to a granny square and so starting in the corner.


Yarn over and pull up a loop.


standing single crochet
Finish the single crochet stitch as you normally would, and then make the next required stitch according to the pattern you are following.


Very clever hey 🙂 And it looks so professional, once you master the standing stitch technique you will never start any other way…promise.

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