Shell Stitch Photo Tutorial

Step by step photo tutorial on how to make a shell stitch #shellstitch  #mandmcrochetdesignsphototutorial #crochettutorial

There are many different ways to make a shell stitch, and the designer will tell you what they want, some are done in double crochet, some in treble and I have even seen some done in double treble crochet, I have seen 3 stitch shells, 5 stitch shells, and even 7 or 8, a shell is usually done using an uneven number of stitches so that the next row has a “middle” stitch to use so that the design is balanced, but read your instructions carefully, because designers have their own unique way of writing a pattern.

I am making this tutorial, because one of my new patterns uses a 5 Double Crochet Shell Stitch in it, and because I am a visual person, I find photo tutorials help me work out how to do something new, so I thought I would make one for those of you who are new to crochet and want to learn the technique.

You will usually be instructed to make a single crochet stitch, skip one or two stitches (depending on the size of the shell), in this instance, for my 5 dc shell, I skipped one stitch and then made my first dc into the next stitch


Then make another 4 dc’s into the SAME space as the 1st dc, skip one stitch and then make a single crochet into the next space. Then repeat this according to the number of shells required in the pattern.
shell stitch
This is what it looks like after you have done two x 5 dc shell repeats, you can work a shell around a corner, by making the shell into the corner space, and then continuing along the next side. This stitch makes a pretty border if you are looking for something simple but more soft than a straight border, and I love ending a baby blanket in this stitch.

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