Needle Join Photo Tutorial

Step by step photo tutorial on how to use the needle join technique #needlejoin  #mandmcrochetdesignsphototutorial #crochettutorial


A photo tutorial really helped me work out how to do this technique- once I got it, it is super easy to do, and I always use when weaving in my tail after I finish the last stitch.  It makes it very difficult to see where you ended your row, so your work looks much more professional.

When you are working on a project that has many colour changes, this is a good way to make your work look neater, and to also work those dreaded ends off whilst working on each row, so less to do when you are finished with your project – yay!  And then the ends do not get in the way when you start your new row.

I just love it! So I thought I would make one to share with you.

needle join

needle join

There…does that not look AMAZING! The needle join is super easy to do, and seeing as you have the yarn end threaded you may as well weave it in LOL!!

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