Magic Circle Photo and Video Tutorial

Magic Circle Photo and Video Tutorial

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I have included a video tutorial at the end of the post.

A photo tutorial really helped me work out how to do this method – once I got it, I never looked back – I just love it – great for starting any pattern that needs a nice tight beginning.  It does not come undone, and makes your work look more professional.  So I thought I would make one to share with you.

***there is a video tutorial at the end of this post***

Wrap the yarn around the fingers of your left hand twice. The tail should be in the back on the right side, while the working yarn should be in the front towards your palm.
You should wrap the loop around the first finger on your non-dominant hand.

Pull up a loop. Slide your crochet hook under the two loops of your double ring closest to your fingertips. Grab onto the working end of the yarn and pull it back through to the right, creating a loop on the hook.

Make a starting chain. Grab onto the working end of the yarn and draw it through the loop currently on your hook, creating a single chain stitch. You will usually need one starting chain for a single stitch pattern, two for a half double pattern, two or three for a double pattern, and four for a triple pattern.
Pull the ring from your index finger.  Gently remove from your finger, continue to crochet as many stitches as needed. Make as many stitches as required for the first round, according to your pattern’s instructions.
In this instance the pattern says make a magic circle and then make 10 single crochet stitches into the magic circle.

Pull the nearest loop tight, and then pull the tail to tighten the remaining loop.

Tah dah! You have mastered the magic circle – remember practice makes perfect so try and try until you get it right – it is worth the effort
Some people ask me if it comes undone, and I can confidently say that of the hundreds of magic circles I have made, not one, NOT ONE, has ever come undone
When I weave in the tail, I usually go in the opposite direction, and then back again, and sometimes a third time, to make 100% sure the tail does not work loose. And this technique ensures that the magic circle will stay nice and tight

Here is a quick video tutorial for you to look at too.

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