Crab Stitch Photo and Video Tutorial


Crab Stitch Photo and Video Tutorial

Step by step photo tutorial to make the Crab stitch or Reverse Single Crochet stitch #crabstitchphototutorial #reversesinglecrochetphototutorial #mandmcrochetdesignsphototutorial #crochettutorial

I have included a short video tutorial for you.

A photo tutorial really helped me work out how to do this stitch, it is one of my absolute favorite stitched do use as a border, especially on a baby blanket or a blanket for a man, as it is neat, tidy and not frilly, but finishes the blanket off beautifully.  So I thought I would make one to share with you.

The Reverse Single Crochet stitch is also referred to as the Crab stitch.

crab stitch
Insert hook into the next space, yarn over.


Pull up a loop (2 loops on hook).


Yarn over, pull through both loops on hook.
This is what a finished stitch looks like, now you would put your hook into the next stitch space and repeat.


crab stitch reverse single crochet
After you have done a few stitches your border will look like this, it is a bit tricky to get used to working in the opposite direction from normal, however, once you get going it is one of the nicest stitches to do – well I think so…

And you have completed your first Crab stitch, don’t you just love the texture this technique gives.

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