Back Loop Only (blo) Photo Tutorial

Back Loop Only (blo) Photo Tutorial


Step by step photo tutorial to make the Back Loop Only stitch (blo) #backlooponlyphototutorial #mandmcrochetdesignsphototutorial #crochettutorial


A photo tutorial really helped me work out how to do this technique, and I got it, I love how the Back Loop Only (blo) Stitch can add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring pattern, with a bit of texture.  So I thought I would make one to share with you.

Insert your hook through the back loop only (blo) and work your stitch for that row as normal, but instead of putting through both loops, you just use the back loop.

Helpful hint: If you turn your work and look at the back you will see a ‘third loop’ under the stitch you are working on – if you work through this stitch as well, it will help prevent your stitches from pulling open.  This technique is used for all stitches except for single crochet (there is no “third” loop).

If you turn your work, you will see the “third” loop.

And you have completed your first back loop only stitch, don’t you just love the texture this technique gives.

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